High Performance Blocks series

Triple with cam cleat and trim block

  Our High Performance blocks are developed with emphasis on design and strength. The blocks have aluminium ball bearing sheaves and are bolted together with allen screws for easy disassembling if needed.

The ball bearing sheaves in size 35, 45, 57, 75 & 100 have hub in PET (white). These sizes are also available with black delrin/PET plan bearing sheaves.

Size 35 and 45 are mounted with rivets and size 57 has rivets in the top.

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Article no. SWL BL Sheave size Sheave type Max. rope Length Top type Weight gram
710736 1300 kg 2600 kg 57/45 x 16 mm Alu with ball bearing 14 mm 210 mm Swivel with 6 mm shackle 840
710836 1800 kg 3600 kg 75/57 x 20/16 mm Alu with ball bearing 16/14 mm   Swivel with 10 mm shackle  
SWL = safe working load
BL = breaking load