About OH Marine Equipment

OH Marine Equipment is a Danish company manufacturing deck hardware. We have more than 40 years of experience producing high quality boat fittings.

Ole Henriksen (OH), the founder of the company, began making boat fittings for his own use in the late 50’s because he felt the market could not supply the quality products he demanded.

Soon the interest for his products rose, and in the beginning of the 60’s, he established a workshop on Oesterbro, Copenhagen. As the production increased, a move to Stenloese in 1967 was necessary. In 1976 the factory in Jyllinge was built, and this has since been enlarged twice to facilitate the rising production.

Our new carbon block series
Today the product line includes blocks, tracks, and travellers and custom made carbon blocks. We continuously develop new products as well as make custom-built equipment, and our wide range of products covers boats up to around 120 feet and breaking loads up to 19.000 kg. Being in contact with yachtsmen worldwide lays the basis for development of products with emphasis on superior design, safety, minimum wear on rope and longevity. This makes OH equipment an obvious choice when requiring high performance, safety and long lasting equipment.

Our website is frequently updated with new products and information and is a good place to get a update on OH products.

OH Marine Equipment A/S
Møllehaven 5
DK-4040 Jyllinge

Phone:+45 46 73 08 85
Fax: +45 46 73 11 82
Email: mail@ohmarine.com